About PC Repair Tools

Since 2004, PC Repair Tools has been downloaded over 100 million times.

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Leading the Industry since 2004

Layer Solutions, the amazing team that created PC Repair Tools, is a US-based company. We have a global presence in 211 countries around the world. We are proud of our award-winning staff and products, and we are confident that you will have a great experience as our customer.

In 2004, the first version of our repair tool was released, which instantly became a massively popular product. XP Repair Pro was (and still is) a hugely popular product, running on close to a million computers. After millions of downloads, and always popular new versions, we rebranded the product from XP Repair Pro to PC Repair Tools, to reflect the changing nature of the product. PC Repair Tools is the same amazing product, but improved, and designed to cleanup and repair machines running Windows 10, all the way back to XP.

Its 2018 and we have just released version 8.0. After over two years of rebuilding and redesigning, PC Repair Tools is now faster, smarter, and more robust than ever before.

Designed to repair and optimize all versions of Windows, no other product on the market has ever come close to the capability of PC Repair Tools. We are constantly updating and improving our products, thanks to the immensely helpful feedback from customers like you.

What if I purchased XP Repair Pro in the past?

The only thing that changed was the name. All past customers with upgrade options for XP Repair Pro can exercise their upgrade to PC Repair Tools. If you are unsure of your license status, you can access the Member's page at any time or contact our customer service.