How does PC Repair Tools work?

How are errors repaired?

Many errors are caused by invalid configuration within the Windows registry. The registry is a large database that contains information about how Windows and other programs operate. When these settings get corrupted or invalid, they can cause error messages to appear.

PC Repair Tools takes feedback from hundreds of thousands of users experiencing errors, and our development team engineers the fix into PC Repair Tools.

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PC Repair Tools guarantees to fix your problem or your money back!

Small jobs, large jobs, anything in between
Over 160,000 possible errors can be repaired, and growing
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Work that requires specific skill sets, costs, or scheduling requirements.
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Repair common Windows errors

No other tool on the market is trusted as much as PC Repair Tools at keeping a computer free of errors and other annoyances.

Over 13 years of constant updates has made PC Repair Tools the leader in home software repair tools.

PC Repair Tools has been deployed on over 100 million home and business computers, saving users millions of dollars in unneeded repair bills.



Remove unwanted bulk

Over time, your computer fills up with old and unused settings from the many programs that are used, such as Office, Chrome, and many others.

  • Cleans over 160,000 common errors in Windows.
  • Remove leftover waste from unused or removed programs.
  • PC Repair Tools patented repair technology cannot be found in any other program on the market.

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