PC Repair Tools - Terms and Conditions

Updated - May 28, 2018

PC Repair Tools Terms and Conditions

Layer Solutions Inc. works hard to build excellent software programs which resolve performance-related problems on your computer and create a healthier and faster computer usage experience. By downloading, installing, and using PC Repair Tools, you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions of use.

1. License.

Subject to the clauses of this Agreement, Layer Solutions Inc. provides you with a restricted, non-transferable, non-exclusive license for personal and non-commercial purposes. This license allows you to use or review PC Repair Tools in accordance with this Agreement and any other agreements made with Layer Solutions Inc. This license does not give you the right to sub-license PC Repair Tools. This Agreement is legally binding and exists between Layer Solutions Inc. and any users of PC Repair Tools. If you do not accept this Agreement, then you must immediately stop installing or using PC Repair Tools and delete the program from your computer.

2. Distribution.

Unless explicitly authorized herein, PC Repair Tools, along with any accompanying documentation and licenses, shall not be distributed, re-sold, transferred, copied, shared, offered for re-sale, or sub-licensed in whole or in part. Users are allowed to create one copy of PC Repair Tools solely for archival purposes.

3. User Agreement

3.1 Evaluation Version Usage

You are permitted to review PC Repair Tools without purchasing the product by using a temporary trial copy for the maximum allowed number of days as stated by Layer Solutions Inc. This trial version may contain features and services that are limited in comparison to those found in the complete copy. In order to obtain a complete copy of PC Repair Tools, you must purchase a license from Layer Solutions Inc.

3.2 Activation of Software

After purchasing a license from Layer Solutions Inc., you may be required to undergo an online activation process. There are technological measures in place to prevent the unlawful and unlicensed use of PC Repair Tools. Layer Solutions Inc. will utilize those measures to acknowledge that the copy you are activating is valid and licensed. During this process, Layer Solutions Inc. will not collect any personal data from your computer.

3.3 Distribution

The trial version of PC Repair Tools may be distributed freely, maintaining that: 1. This distribution includes only the original PC Repair Tools trial version as supplied by Layer Solutions Inc., with no alterations, deletions, or additions made to the software during the distribution process. 2. The limited trial nature of the trial version of PC Repair Tools is represented accurately. 3. The person accepting the trial version of PC Repair Tools must not be charged beyond reasonable overhead costs such as packaging and shipping, when applicable. 4. You provide Layer Solutions Inc. with notice, through email or in writing, that you plan to distribute a trial version of PC Repair Tools. After written or email confirmation has been received, the trial version of PC Repair Tools has been authorized for such distribution. If you choose to distribute PC Repair Tools with other media, hardware, or software programs, you will require the written authorization of Layer Solutions Inc. From time to time, you may also be required to report the total number of PC Repair Tools trial version units that have been distributed.

3.4 Use

Your license to use PC Repair Tools is restricted to the number of licenses purchased by you and for a restricted number of days. When this license expires, you will be asked to renew and purchase a new license in order to continue using and accessing all of the features of PC Repair Tools. You shall not allow others to use, access, or review fully licensed copies of PC Repair Tools.

3.5 Use Restrictions

PC Repair Tools will be used in full compliance with all applicable laws and shall not be used for any illegal purposes. A fully licensed copy of PC Repair Tools may only be used on one single computer, and usage of the program on multiple computers requires the purchase of multiple licenses. In this case, “usage” of PC Repair Tools is said to occur when you have loaded, installed, or run the program on a computer or computer-like device. If you choose to install PC Repair Tools on a multi-user platform, like a network or a server, each individual user of the platform must purchase an individual license, or a special multi-site license copy may be purchased. You may make a single backup copy of PC Repair Tools, maintaining that you only have one installed on one computer (or however many users are covered under a multi-site license). Others shall not use or install your licensed copy of PC Repair Tools. The sublicense, networking, assignment, or distribution of licensed copies of PC Repair Tools is explicitly forbidden unless permission is granted through the prior written consent of Layer Solutions Inc. Assigning, selling, sharing, loaning, renting, leasing, borrowing, networking, or transferring a licensed copy of PC Repair Tools is a violation of this Agreement. If any person uses PC Repair Tools in your name on a separate computer, then this Agreement will be considered violated and perpetrators will be held responsible.

3.6 Copyright Restriction

PC Repair Tools contains copyrighted material, trade secrets, and other proprietary material. You shall not alter, disassemble, or reverse engineer this software, nor shall you attempt to commit any of those actions. You are not permitted to create any programs that are derived or based upon PC Repair Tools. Layer Solutions Inc.’s name, logo, and similar creative content shall not be utilized in a way which promotes any products or services developed with PC Repair Tools. Layer Solutions Inc. retains sole and exclusive ownership of any rights related to both PC Repair Tools and any related Intellectual Property rights. PC Repair Tools is wholly protected by international copyright treaty provisions and copyright law, and no portion of the program may be utilized in a way that violates the terms of this Agreement. All rights not explicitly stated in this Agreement are retained by Layer Solutions Inc.

3.7 Limitation of Responsibility

You will exempt and hold harmless Layer Solutions Inc., along with registered employees, agents, and distributors, against any and all demands and claims that are connected with your usage of PC Repair Tools. Layer Solutions Inc. and its employees, agents, and distributors will not be liable for any damages incurred as a result of this Agreement. These damages include but are not limited to the loss of profits, interruption of business, and data loss that may result from this Agreement or from the usage or inability to use PC Repair Tools. Layer Solutions Inc’s complete liability, with no exceptions, is limited solely to the reimbursement of the customer’s purchase price of PC Repair Tools. This price will be determined as the lesser of the total amount paid by you and the suggested retail price as listed by Layer Solutions Inc., after subtracting any applicable surcharges such as taxes and shipping fees. This reimbursement will occur in exchange for the return of the product, including all associated documentation and licensing materials. This reimbursement will only occur if PC Repair Tools was purchased directly from Layer Solutions Inc. Customers who purchased the program through a third-party retailer should contact the reseller.

3.8 Warranties

Unless explicitly stated in writing by Layer Solutions Inc. or by an authorized employee, Layer Solutions Inc. makes no warranty in regards to the use of this software, and explicitly excludes any other warranties (including, but not limited to oral, written, implied, and expressed warranties), including, without limitation, all implied warranties of quality or functionality for a specific purpose.

3.9 Governing Law

All actions related to this Agreement will be governed by the laws of Florida, United States, and controlling United States’ federal law. No choice of law rules of any jurisdiction will apply.

3.10 Termination

The failure to abide by this Agreement and all contained terms and conditions will result in immediate and permanent suspension of this license. When this license is terminated, you must immediately destroy, remove, and uninstall all copies of PC Repair Tools as supplied under this Agreement. Any financial losses incurred by you will not be reimbursed by PC Repair Tools.

4. Consent to Use of Data

You acknowledge and accept that Layer Solutions Inc. may collect, process, and use information that has been collected through PC Repair Tools or through any related services. You are not obligated to transfer any information regarding malicious files or corrupted registry entries on your computer should you choose not to when prompted. Layer Solutions Inc. may also use this information to contact you with information that may be useful or interesting for you. PC Repair Tools contains services that expedite and various internet-based services, such as automatic updating tools. You must manually approve these updates in order to install and download them onto your system. You are not obligated to install, download, or use these updates when prompted. PC Repair Tools will not collect any data from your computer that could personally identify you during this process.
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